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 Evolution's First Practical Application
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The evidence is compiling in nutritional science, largely as related to the historical disciplines as shown above.

A newly published e-book: The Human Evolution Diet explains this emerging science ... and has many articles by doctors and professors in agreement.

Jack R. Lagoni ; Geoarcheologist

Email: info@evolutiondiet.org

If you learn to simulate the nutrition of what the human diet has been through 99.9% of our evolutionary history, there are compiling scientific evidences that it leads to a new plateau of health. The evidence strongly suggests that an earlier nutritional regime has high effectivity in fighting most all illnesses classified as "chronic", "auto-immune", "metabolic syndrome", or "diseases of civilization". These would include, for example: diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joints/discs, asthma, acne, rickets ... and, in fact, most all chronic illnesses that contribute to poorer health in older age.

It sounds, and is, astounding. Think of it as the ultimate natural diet - one in which you consider our long evolutionary history as a major factor in determining what a natural diet for the human body is ... and isn't. Our genes, physiology, and metabolic system have not had enough time to change from the earlier nutritional regime. Still existing hunter-gatherers on their traditional diets, and our hunter-gatherer ancestors, rarely, if ever, have had these now common health problems. The earliest farmers also did not.

Each complying ancestral "diet" is within specific nutritional constraints which we evolved to over millions of years. Our "body machinery" will only operate optimally within those nutritional constraints which produce specific metabolic & physiologic responses. Without considerable due diligence on optimal evolutionary nutrition the modern, grocery store diet is not within those nutritional constraints.

The diet regime is neither vegetarian nor carnivorous. Some of the pertinent ancestral groups were very plant food oriented (up to 85% plant foods), but others were very animal food oriented (up to 90% animal foods). Nearly all (>95%) well-recorded groups consumed at least 25% from the minor animal/plant constituent, and thus were omnivores.

This website's mission is chronicling and communicating the converging scientific information - centered upon historical disciplines that are pertinent and that ultimately define evolutionary nutrition. The Evolution Diet Chronicles [menu top left] are being compiled over time as a continuing resource for the new paradigm ...

The Human Evolution Diet, an e-book for $14.95, explains the emerging scientific concept of optimal evolutionary nutrition in an easy to understand, yet complete, summation. Within half a day you can comprehend, and consider enacting, this exciting new nutritional paradigm. It has been gaining in credits from multiple physicians and scientists for over 50 years now. Many supporting articles by doctors and university professors are cited and made easily accessible. Join the healthy and happy early adopters!


Fruits and Veggies


Wild-caught lobster, grass-fed butter, asparagas ...
Lobster Tail Dinner

Free range pork, assorted veggies & fruit ...
Free Range Pork with vegetables

Asparagas, broccoli, onions, tubers & wild-caught fish ...
fish and veggies ...yum

Vegetables and fruit, but not grains & legumes ...
fresh fruits and vegetables



A chronology of scholars  who first published that modern  human diets are incompatible  with our long evolutionary history, and producing deleterious results:

Dr. John Yudkin 1963 Medical Doctor & Ph.D.

Dr. R. Shatin 1964 Medical Doctor

Dr. Walter L. Voegtlin 1975 Medical Doctor & Ph.D.

Dr. H. Leon Abrams 1979 Anthropology Professor,

Dr. Clark S. Spencer 1980 Archaeology Professor

Eaton, Konner & Shostak; 1985 M.D. and Anthropology Ph.D.

Dr. Staffan Lindeberg 1993 Medical Doctor and Professor



**Information on this site is not a substitute for advice from professional medical personnel. If you are ill or older, get your doctor's permission. If your doctor is unfamiliar with the concept, show him/her some of the articles and websites by doctors and nutritional researchers in agreement (e.g., those available within both The Human Evolution Diet and The Evolution Diet Chronicles).

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