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The evidence is converging from nutritional science as related to historical disciplines. The Chronicles are temporarily down for a redesign, but The Human Evolution Diet, an e-book, explains the emerging science in layman's terms. It offers a new plateau of health to early adopters.


Jack R. Lagoni ; Geoarcheologist

Email: info@evolutiondiet.org

"The joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift."
Albert Einstein

"Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment."
R. Buckminster Fuller

"You didn't come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here..."   
Alan Watts

If you learn to simulate the nutrition of what the human diet has been through 99.9% of our evolutionary history, there is converging scientific evidence that it leads to a new plateau of health. It alleviates, or drastically diminishes: diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, arthritis, many auto-immune diseases, "metabolic syndrome", osteoporosis, rickets, poor health in older age, obesity, most all "chronic diseases", "diseases of civilization", asthma, acne, and more.

Think of it as the ultimate natural diet - one in which you consider our long evolutionary history as a major factor ... in determining what a natural diet for the human body is ... and isn't. Our genes, physiology, and metabolic system have not had enough time to change from that of a hunter gatherer. Still existing hunters and gatherers on their traditional diets, and our hunter-gatherer ancestors, rarely, if ever, have had these health problems. Not coincidentally, wild mammals are also void of these problems - while their domestically fed counterparts, for example dogs, cats, and cattle ... are not.

The Human Evolution Diet, an e-book, explains the concept in an easy to understand, yet complete scientific summation. For less than $10 you can comprehend and enact this exciting new nutritional paradigm - which has been gaining credits for over 50 years now. Agreeing doctors, university level researchers, and other nutritionists are cited, and quick-linked for easy access, in the e-book.

Through the ages there have been many hunter gatherer diets, and thus, foods you can eat. Earliest farmers and pastoralists also experienced the nutritional benefits. However, each of these ancestral "diets" are within specific nutritional constraints which we evolved to over millions of years. Our "body machinery" will only operate optimally within those nutritional constraints: they produce specific metabolic & physiologic responses. Without considerable due diligence on evolutionary nutrition the modern, grocery store diet is not within those nutritional constraints.

Some of the pertinent ancestral groups were very plant food oriented (up to 85% plant foods), but others were very animal food oriented (up to 90% animal foods). Nearly all (>95%) well-recorded groups consume at least 25% from the minor animal/plant constituent. The key point - our genes and physiology are still that of an omnivorous hunter gatherer - having changed only an infinitesimal amount from what they were when each of our ancestors ate a hunter-gatherer diet.

This website's mission is chronicling and communicating the converging scientific information - centered upon the specific historical disciplines that are pertinent and that ultimately define the "diet". The Evolution Diet Chronicles [menu top left] are being compiled over time as a continuing resource for the new paradigm ...

The Human Evolution Diet: 

DO EAT: [ eat only these - or if you can't, at least maximize them]
*Fresh vegetables [eat a large variety, but not grains and legumes]
*Omega 3 rich animal foods [i.e., wild caught or totally free range; eat organ meats, too]
*Fresh fruits [but watch total glycemic load, esp. with modern fruit juices]
*Tree nuts [but not peanuts - they are legumes]

BUT DON'T EAT: [ elliminate these - or if you can't, at least minimize them]
*Processed sugars, sugar substitutes
*Trans-fats, industrial vegetable oils
*Grains, grain derived products, and grain-fed, Omega 6 rich meats
*Processed foods
*Milk & dairy products
*Legume and legume products

After more than two decades of study, this is the editor's best, most complete ... and yet simple synopsis. HAPPY HEALTH! [Click to expand or contract this summary graphic.]


Fruits and Veggies


Wild-caught lobster w/ grass-fed cow's butter & asparagas ...
Lobster Tail Dinner

Free range pork, assorted veggies & fruit ...
Free Range Pork with vegetables

Asparagas, broccoli, onions, tubers & wild-caught fish ...
fish and veggies ...yum

Vegetables and fruit, but not grains, legumes or processed sugars ...
fresh fruits and vegetables

Wild-caught seafood stew with vegetables, herbs, & spices ...
Seafood Stew



A chronology of scholars  who first stated that modern  human diets are incompatible  with our evolutionary history:

Dr. John Yudkin 1963 Medical Doctor & Ph.D.
"Nutrition and Palatability with Special Reference to Diseases of Civilization"

Dr. Walter L. Voegtlin 1975 Medical Doctor & Ph.D. The Stone Age Diet (a book)

Dr. H. Leon Abrams 1979 Anthropology Professor,
"The Relevance of Paleolithic Diet in Determining Contemporary Nutritional Needs ."

Dr. Clark S. Spencer 1980 Archaeology Professor, OSU
"Dental Caries: Experimental and Biocultural Evidence."

Dr. S. Boyd Eaton  1985 Medical Doctor and Professor
"Paleolithic Nutrition. A consideration of its nature and current implications"

Dr. Staffan Lindeberg 1993 Medical Doctor and Professor
"Apparent absence of stroke and ischaemic heart disease in
a traditional Melanesian island..."



This website is dedicated to William O. Lagoni and Mary Ann Lagoni ... my parents and best teachers.